Frequently Asked Questions

What data can be imported from Garmin to Fitbit?
Only activities displayed in Activity page in Garmin connect can be imported to Fitbit.
Note to Vivofit and Vivosmart users
FitDataSync imports activities from Garmin to FitBit. Since Vivofit and Vivosmart collect a lot of health data, this data will not be imported to FitBit. Only activities displayed on "Activities" page in Garmin Connect will be imported. All other data displayed on other pages, including steps count, calories, etc will not be imported to FitBit.
Weight stopped to sync
Toggle "Sync weight" check box - unckeck it, click save, then check it again and click save.
Can I import weight readings from Garmin to Fitbit?
No, you can not. Weight synchronization is one-way only from Fitbit to Garmin.
"Sync automatically" ckeckbox and/or "Synchronize now" button are disabled
Prior to synchronizing, you need to authorize FitBit and provide correct Garmin Connect credentials.
I see error "Wrong Garmin credentials" when clicking "Save" button
Please make sure that you provided correct Garmin Connect credentials. Garmin username and password are case sensitive. Also please make sure there is not trailing or leading whitespaces. Try to login with same credentials to Garmin Connect.
I just created FitDataSync account, and only few Garmin activities are imported to FitBit.
When you create new FitDataSync account, only activities from 1 week prior to registration are imported to FitBit. There is no way to import all history activities, since it will create excessive load on servers.
How can I upload an activity that I already erased at Fibit? or, how can I upload my Garmin activities again?
You can not import past activities. Only new activities, after last synchronization are imported to FitBit. You can see last synchronization data at FitDataSync settings page.
Can I wear both Fitbit tracker and Garmin watch? Will it double count?
You can wear both Garmin watch and FitBit tracker. There will not be double counting. Since Garmin reading more accurate, it will override Fitbit. It works well only if date, time and time zone are synchronized between Garmin and Fitbit.